Frequently Asked Questions at Cupboards Johannesburg

How long does it take to install a standard kitchen cupboard set?

We strive to maintain a same day installation process in order to provide our customer with a fast turnaround time, we cut the time in half but we don’t cut away quality in the process.

What types of cupboard materials do you offer?

We offer the following types of cupboard materials:

  • Square line
  • Impact
  • Wrapped
  • Shaker
  • High Gloss UV
  • High Gloss Acrylic
  • Melamine

Get in touch with us if there is a material you are looking that is not on our list.

Can I get a fitter to assist me with installing a kitchen?

Yes, we have a list of qualified and company certified cupboard installers who will be very happy to assist you and we also provide you with the following if you ever wanted to install a kitchen by yourself:

  • After-sales services
  • Telephonic Support
  • Onsite Visitation

What’s the guarantee on your cupboard quality?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on the following:

  • Hinges
  • Fittings

We offer a warranty on all our cupboards.

Should you find any fault with our cupboards we will be happy to replace it but we can assure you that our cupboards have been checked before being delivered to customers and stamped with a quality verification sign.